Because the early morning and late evening flights are not served by the Shuttle bus.

Unfortunately, the lack of users on our service, partly connected to the reduced number of passengers on the flight, or who have their own vehicle to move within the indicated time, does not allow us to bear the increased costs outside normal working hours. For groups it is still possible to book a special trip, for which we will gladly submit an economic quotation.

Why do not you come to my house, close enough to the city

For the reasons already indicated in the previous point but also to stay in acceptable travel times, we are forced to limit the area served.

Can you provide child seats if we travel with children?

Both for the Shuttle bus and for any other service we provide free of charge or seats suitable for the age of the child that you will kindly let us know

Because of the traffic I'm afraid of losing the plane, could not we leave before?

Lugano Airport, as opposed to large airports, accepts customers up to 30 minutes before the departure of the flight. Our experience of years reassures us that even in the event of heavy traffic (especially late afternoon), we will arrive at the airport in time. None of our passengers has ever stayed "on foot".

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